Friday, June 5, 2015

Scientific reason Islam Forbid Men Wear Gold

Perhaps among us there are those who ask - ask why Muslim men wear gold dilaramg by the Prophet, This is a review of scientific or medical analysis. The physicists have concluded that the gold atoms are able to penetrate into the skin and into the blood of man, and if we (men) wear a certain amount of gold and in the long term, the impact is in the blood and urine will be containing gold atoms in a percentage that exceeds the limit (known as the migration of gold). And when this happens, it could lead to Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease itself is a disease in which the person loses all mental and physical abilities and causing back like a child. And what about the women? Is Gold harmless if used by women. 
Women do not suffer from this problem because every month, the harmful particles out of the female body through menstruation. Islam itself since thousands of years ago have banned men to use gold in the era when research or physicists have yet to find the impact of this gold to the human body. In Islam, every man / men are forbidden to use gold as defined in the laws of sharia every Muslim in the words of the Apostle as follows

 "Forbidden to wear silk and gold on the men of my people". (Hadith HR. Turmudzi)

 "Gold and silk permissible for the women of my ummah, but forbidden for men". (HR. An Nasai and Ahmad)

"Whoever of my people dressed in gold and then he died still in a state of Allah forbid him to wear the gold in surga.Dan whoever of my people dressed in silk and then he died still in a state of Allah forbid him to wear the silk in heaven." (HR. Ahmad) 

In addition to the above Hadith history, there are several other Prophets History, which suggests the same thing: Narrated from Umar, he said, "The Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wasalam never made a gold ring, and when to wear it laid eyes on the inside of his palm, then people jugamembuat gold ring. 
Then the Prophet sat onstage and menaggalkan ring while said, 'Indeed I have been wearing this ring and I put her in the stomach palms' plainly membunag cincinitu he said, 'By Allah I will not wear it again for ever' then people even throw their ring "(Bukhari and Muslim).

The Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wasalam never seen a gold ring in the hands of a man, and then he let go of the ring and throw it away, as he said, "One of you accidentally take embers of hell and put it in his hands", After the Prophet went away. The friend said to him, "Take your ring and make use of". The man replied "Not for the sake of Allah, I will not take it after the Messenger throw". (Muslim)

It was narrated from Abu Umamah, that the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wasalam once said, "Those who believe in Allah and the last day, so do not wear a silk and (wearing gold jewelry)." (Reported by Ahmad, Hakim and Ath-Thabrani)
From Abi Musa ra. that the Messenger of Allah said, "It is forbidden to wear silk and gold for the men of my people and lawful for women." (HR Turmuzi with sanad hasan Saheeh)

Logically, if gold will wear halal Rasul, friends would wear because it follows the Sunnah of the Prophet, the clergy will wear due to the Sunnah of the Prophet, Kyai / syech will wear due to the Sunnah of the Prophet, imam of the mosque will wear as it gets knowledge from his teacher and in order to carry out the Sunnah, whereas in this world THERE ANY ONE ULAMA wearing GOLD
From the above description, the gold in any form, in various colors law is haram. Although well if gold gilding made to other materials, the law remains forbidden. Because gold name remains attached even though the levels are reduced.

But the objects are painted with gold color, can not be said to be gold. So it does not matter if a man use clothing or equipment imitation gold. Not haraam, because in fact it is not gold, but only in such and warnya only. Haram is gold, not a resemblance.

Behind the prohibition of men using gold is that we live in a simple and do not boast-megahan in treasure and jewelry. Besides jewelery (gold) fit for use as a tool for women to beautify themselves and attract the hearts of men (husband of course) while men do not need jewelry to attract the hearts of women. Behind all that there is hidden wisdom why God forbid male / male wearing gold is in terms of health as conveyed in the beginning. Subbhanallah ... Glory to Alah With All His Word.

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